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  India Presence
To meet the ever-growing demands and increasing presence in the Indian Subcontinent, Outbound Business India can provide specific target-oriented results by using the following business strategies:

Online canvassing using the email and internet
• Canvassing using the telephone and direct meeting with Indian corporates/masses

Our key business strategies would be to help you to penetrate the Indian market with ease. Our expertise as Blue Moon Travels Pvt Ltd. has gained us sufficient experience and expertise to handle all enquiries for the client, convert enquiries and raise prospects. We have the proven expertise to work on targets and put an entire sales force to get you the best possible deals.
  The following activities can be carried out in parallel to get a strong foothold in the Indian subcontinent:
1. Gain a strong e-presence
2. Aggressive email/electronic campaigning
3. Represent your business in prestigious Indian events and trade fairs
4. Put up a nation-wide sales force to aggressively campaign your business offers
  Put together, the above is the most sought-after marketing presence in India.