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  Why India ?
Think about this...

Seven million Indians travel abroad each year, with the total growing at 10.5% per year since 2001…. Persistent strong economic growth, new airports in urban heartlands and air liberalisation will continue to drive the Indian outbound boom," said PATA Director-Strategic Intelligence Centre, Mr John Koldowski. "India's middle class is growing by 30 million each year. With disposable incomes also rising, many are making overseas travel a routine part of their modern lifestyle." ….excerpts from PATA report

----- "India's long-expected travel boom has begun," said Abacus International President and CEO Mr Don Birch. "With a population of more than one billion and a burgeoning middle class with enormous spending power, India is poised to realise its potential as one of Asia's leading outbound travel markets."

India is an upward swing as far as the Outbound market is concerned. This is the right time to showcase your properties, services and products. Indians are travelling all over the world. The recent explosion in the MICE segment where more and more Indian Corporates are chosing to do their conferences and events outside India has been a major factor in the explosion and boom in the Outbound market.

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